Wine and cheese spread

Romance is in the air. What better way to celebrate the most romantic of months than with a lovely five-course meal for your significant other? Food made with love will charm your partner, and some sure-fire foods will help set the mood. Start with cocktails and pair each course with a carefully selected wine. End the evening with a liqueur or brandy to round out the perfect evening. Don’t forget to set the table carefully and include candles for ambiance.

Luxurious Soup

Creamy, delectable soups are a must to start your evening. No ordinary soup will do for this special occasion. Instead, splurge on something decadent with the finest ingredients. Lobster bisque is one way to delight your loved one. Luscious cheese soup with baguettes for dipping is another possibility.

Hot peppers

Spice up your romance with spicy food. Add some zing to the meal with some heat. Some examples of spicy appetizers that are perfect to begin your meal include bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos, mango-habanero salsa with chips, spicy stuffed mushrooms, or Cajun-spiced shrimp. The capsaicin in the peppers will make your tongue tingle and endorphins boost your mood. It’s the ideal way to set the evening.

Colorful Salad

Don’t forget you eat with your eyes first and a colorful salad will delight and refresh. You may also need to cool your palate a bit after all that heat. A Caprese salad with sliced tomatoes, mozzarella, and fresh basil, draw in the colors of the season. A mixed green salad with strawberries adds some freshness with one of the signature fruits of the season. Salad can be romantic, too!


Fondue lets you cook together while covering your entrée and side selections. You can try a little bit of several different items, indulging in small portions of many different foods. Steak, seafood, chicken, vegetables, and potatoes can all be a part of the selections. Your foods will sizzle along with your romance with this perfect entrée. Cook for each other, make suggestions and feed morsels to one another to heighten the romance.


Nothing says romance more than chocolate. There are numerous ways to incorporate chocolate into your final course. You can make a sinfully delicious chocolate lava cake that oozes chocolate out of the center when you slice into it. Or, you can go as simply as chocolate covered strawberries that you feed to each other. By the end of the evening, you will have a memorable meal that is sure to impress.